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Back on July 11 I argued that for investors at least it was better to buy robotics stocks than to try to fight the global trend toward automation. I added two robotics stocks, both Japanese companies, to my long-term 50 Stocks Portfolio that day. Since then Fanuc (FANUY) is up 27.92% and Nidec (NJDCY) is ahead 34.23%.

Now one of the reasons that I prefer individual stocks to ETFs in the robotics sector is that I want to take advantage of not just the growth in robotics and automation, but also want to get the benefit of a falling yen, which increases sales for Japanese automation companies (as a cheaper yen makes Japanese products cheaper for non-Japanese customers.)

But the evidence is that a lot of investors want to own a piece of the sector but would be prefer to use an ETF to give them broad exposure to the sector.

So today, as part of my coverage of ETFs (which includes an ETF portfolio) on my subscription site, I’ve provided a quick thumbnail of two ETFs in the sector. I’ve posted this as one of my free Post of the Month series so even if you’re not a subscriber to JugglingWithKnives you can read the post. (Of course, I hope you might consider subscribing to for $79 a year. You’ll find a link on the site.)

Meanwhile, though, you can find this robotics ETF post here at