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Pick the biggest stock market turkey. Win $1000.

By and large, 2017 has been a great year for stocks. Amazon (AMZN), for example, is up 50.68% for 2017 as of the close on November 17. Casting our nets wider, the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index is ahead 14.22%

But that doesn’t mean every stock has gone up this year. Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY), to mention just one retailer, is down 49.01% in 2017.

We’re entering the strong end of year season for stocks. From 1928 to 2017 U.S.stocks have climbed 72% of the time in December, the best performance during any single month.

But there are signs of risk at the edges of the market. Investors have been rotating out of wobbling sectors and into sectors with a little momentum at the drop of a crystal ball.

So put on your wizard’s hat and pick the biggest turkey for the NEXT three months beginning on December 1 and ending on March 1.

Pick the biggest stock market turkey in the months ahead and Jubak Picks/Juggling with Knives/Jubak Asset Management–in other words, me–will award you $1,000 in cash. The two readers who pick the next biggest turkeys will get $250 each. In case of a tie, I’ll split the $1,500 in prize money equally.

Here are the simple rules.

Every reader/subscriber gets a maximum of two picks–you can nominate 2 turkeys.

You register your pick (along with the date and time of that pick) by adding a comment to this (and successor “turkey” posts) in the comment section of this post. It would make the contest more fun if you explain why you’ve picked this stock for your turkey, but no explanation is necessary and you don’t get points for clever explanations. Sorry. I’ll keep a data base of picks and post on the progress of our flock during the contest.

Up to three readers can pick the same turkey. After that though, they own the bird so no one else can pluck that turkey. I’ll use the time of your comment to decide who claimed a turkey first.

Your turkey picks have to be traded and priced common equities. (So no bonds, junk or otherwise.) I have to be able to find daily prices where they trade on some public market on either Bloomberg or Yahoo Finance. No options, ETFs, futures, or derivatives of any kind.

The “biggest turkey” is the stock that falls the most in price (dividends don’t count for this contest), as measured by Yahoo Finance and/or Bloomberg, between the close on December 1, 2017 and the close on March 1, 2018.

You can add turkeys to your list–up to the limit of two–through midnight on November 30. You’ve got about two weeks.

I’ll announce the winners on Monday, March 5 and award the prize money at that time.

There’s nothing to buy and no credit card necessary to enter. But to use the comment section of a post you have to be signed in to the appropriate site. Which means you need to have registered (in the case of my free site) or subscribed (in the case of a pay site). You’ll find a big obvious sign up button in the upper right margin of this page. (As a bonus once you’ve signed up, you’ll get my daily emails that include all the posts of that day. You can also give us permission to send you the occasional marketing offer but you don’t have to opt in to enter the contest–although I’d appreciate it if you would.)