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It’s been quite a while since I shared with you what I’ve been thinking and writing about on my paid sites.

Yes, that’s sites. Plural. Which explains why I haven’t filled you in since July. I’ve been busy building a second site,, that parallels the focus of my book Juggling With Knives on volatility. If you want everything I write on every topic, my paid $199 site, is still the place to go. If you want everything that appears on this free site plus my posts on volatility and access to a new Volatility Portfolio (which also appears on, I’d note) that I’ve just started, subscribe to that site for $79 a year. (Or buy a copy of my book and read it until you find the secret code that will let you get on for free.)

All of which brings me to today’s post on the two paid sites on using LEAPS, long-term options that can run for up to three years, to profitably leverage the volatility in technology stocks like Apple (AAPL) and Facebook (FB). Well, not so much “like” Apple and Facebook as exactly Apple and Facebook. Today’s post explains how to use implied volatility to judge the price of an option and looks at whether it’s time to buy call options on these two stocks. A previous post explained why these two stocks are the best candidates that I can find for this strategy. Right now anyway.

You don’t have to shell out $79 blind either. As part of the design of the site, I’ve created a post of the month feature that gives non-subscribers free access to one post a month (and to past “Posts of the Month”.) The free Post of the Month this month is my post on LEAPS and Facebook and Apple.

I’ve been working on other things on my two subscription sites too that I think might be of interest to readers of this site. For example, on I’ve written two posts on the oil shale boom in the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico. The two posts lay out the logic for investing in the shares of oil producers in the basin and for investing in shares of the companies that make and lease the newest and most powerful land-based drilling rigs. That logic will culminate on Thursday in a buy on at least one Permian Basin stock for my Jubak Picks portfolio. As always, that pick, like all picks, updates, and sells, will be posted on all my sites, free and paid.

Anyway that’s what I’m working on at my subscription sites, and

I think there’s some value to you in passing on the direction of my thinking about the market on those sites. Hope so anyway.

Of course, there’s an ulterior motive to sharing this with you: If you decide that you’d like more of my thoughts on the market in my or posts, I’m hoping that you’ll subscribe to my sites for either $79 or $199.