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I’ve named the five ETFs in this portfolio. Explained my ideas on allocation money among those five ETFs and their associated asset classes. And discussed the importance of knowing what index an ETF follows.

Now it’s time to explain one last thing to complete the set up of this new portfolio: Why I’ve positioned it next to my Volatility Portfolio on and

To find out why, though, you’ll need to take me up on my offer of a free two-week trial to either of my subscription sites, or And you’ll have to do it know. This post is the last time I’m making this offer.

This post on those two sites, as I noted above, marks the end of the set up period for the Perfect 5 ETF portfolio. From here on my posts for this portfolio will be about buys and sells, or changes in asset allocation, or trends in these asset classes, or developments in the ETF industry as a whole.

The post also marks your last chance to get a two-week free trial to either of my paid subscription sites, or If you chose to take me up on this offer, even at this late date, you’ll still get two weeks of free access to either of my paid subscription sites. (And, although my marketing folks shudder when I mention this, you could sign up for a free trial to both sites to see which one suits your investing needs. They do have very different prices, at $79 for Juggling and $199 for JAM, and very different amounts and kinds of content.)

After that two week trial is over, you’d still, even at this late date, have a chance to subscribe to the site of your choice at a discounted price (for the first year.)

But this will be the last time I’ll be making this offer.

Here’s how to sign up for your free trial.

You can use these links to sign up for my free trials or to subscribe at a discounted rate for the first year.

But hurry. I’m only making this free trial and discounted subscription price offer for the month of October so it ends on October 31. But if you sign up at any time before the end of the month, you’ll still get the full two-week free trial. Which includes my five days a week, end of day email of all the posts from either subscription site. (I probably shouldn’t mention this but if you’re uncertain which subscription is right for you, you could take me up on both free trials to help you make up your mind. I don’t mind. Really.)