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I’ve posted on my subscription sites and my recommendations for asset allocations for the five ETFs in my new Perfect 5 ETF Active Passive Portfolio.

That post begins like this: “In some markets deciding how much money you’re going to put into any asset is as hard as picking the assets themselves.

In some markets, I’d argue, it’s even harder.

Unfortunately, the current market is one of those markets. The reliable guide for allocation assets in a portfolio, history, isn’t much help right now.

That’s why, when it comes to deciding on the asset allocations for my new Perfect 5 ETF Active Passive Portfolio, I’m going to use a somewhat more active approach that takes into consideration how the future (five to ten years), as we can predict it, is likely to differ from the past (10 years). It’s the method used by a big ETF-house like BlackRock in making its own recommendations for asset allocations.”

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