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Let me share a post about a trading opportunity that I put up today on my paid sites.

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All of which brings me to today’s post.

We’re right at the beginning of the medical conference season, which gives biotechs with any news at all a big showcase for the promising new drugs in their pipelines. The American College of Cardiology’s annual conference runs from March 13 to 15 in Washington, D.C. The annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research begins on April 1 and extends to April 5, also in Washington. The American Academy of Neurology meets from April 22 to April 28 in Boston.

How big a showcase can one of these conferences be for a biotech company?

Here’s the opportunity for Incyte at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting. Incyte will present 20 abstracts from its R&D portfolio at the conference including a clinical presentation of the dose-escalation phase of the ongoing trial of its FGFR 1/2/3 inhibitor, and preclinical data from inhibitor programs targeting PI3Kd, LSDa, JAK1, BRD/BET and IFFR4, as well as from its epacadostat and immuno-oncology programs.


Companies don’t go to these conferences to announce bad news and failing tests. So these meetings can provide a big dose of market-moving good news.

The rest of the post looks at the odds that conference season will give a significant boost after the recent dip in the biotech sector to Incyte (INCY), Ionis (IONS), Acadia (ACAD), Nektar (NKTR) and the Medicines Company (MDCO.) It also explains why I added Nektar Therapeutics to my new Volatility Portfolio.

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I think there’s some value to you in passing on the direction of my thinking about the market on those sites. Hope so anyway.

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