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Please note, this isn’t the same thing as being a grandfather.

But have I got a deal for you. Go to my new site before November 15 and sign up to receive my nightly emails from that site. Then you’ll have access to the site and receive those emails forever for free–even when I start charging $79 a year for the site in the middle of November.

My am I making this “insane” offer?

When I wrote my book on volatility Juggling With Knives, I promised readers that I’d launch a site to go with the book that would be free to anyone who bought the book and entered the secret code. went up at the end of the summer. The content on the site does duplicate some of the content on this site, but it also has posts with a volatility orientation that you won’t find on For example, today on you’ll find a post on the rout in the global bond market. Yesterday, I posted on a study by that concluded that getting a 5% average annual real return in the years ahead was impossible–almost. (Everything on is also published on, my $199 site–and more. On you get everything I write.)

The problem with a new site is that it can feel like an empty, echoing cave, so I decided to populate it even in its early days by making it free–for a while–to readers of

If you’d like to be grandfathered in–and receive free access not just for a year but forever (or until you tell me to stop filling your email box)–go to and register to receive my free emails from this site. You’ll see the registration form just below the ad for my book, Juggling With Knives. (While you’re there, you could buy a copy. Nudge, nudge.) All you have to give me is your email. No credit card. No deed to the back 40. No cow. No magic beans.

And then you’re grandfathered. Remember to do it before November 15, though. Insanity like this doesn’t go on forever.