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What are you waiting for? You’ve only got 1 day left to take shameless advantage of me. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of I’m giving away 30-days of free access to my subscription site but that offer is only good until the end of today.

If you haven’t signed up for my free offer of 30-day of access to my site, why not?

You don’t want to watch my video series on risk? Part 1 is up. Part 2, which focuses on Apple, will go up tomorrow on

Ordinarily I’d write a teaser here to let you know what I’m working on with my paid sites. And frankly, it would be designed to get you to subscribe.

But tonight all I want you to do is sign up so you can watch my videos on risk. Right now thanks to the ongoing 20-anniversary celebration of I can say “Use my free 30-day offer to get access to and watch as I peel the onion of risk” just as if you were a paying subscriber. For 30 days you get access to everything I post on the paid site.

But sign up soon–today is the last day for this special offer.

Why am I making this offer? Because I think if you try my paid site, you’ll like it.

This video on risk, like my recent profile on the water sector, are exactly the kind of market information that makes worth the price of a subscription.

With this free offer you’ll get everything the site has to offer for free for 30 days. (Did I mention “Free”?) No credit card required. No auto-charge. (Although we will send you a few reminders as your 30-day free trial comes to an end urging you to subscribe.) If you do decide to subscribe, you’ll get a special 20th anniversary price of 20% off or $159 for the first year. That’s right a free 30 days and then a 20% discounted price of $159.

You can sign up for your free 30 days (You get free access for 30 days no matter when you sign up. Sign up on June 16, today, and you still get 30 days of free access) by following this link:

(Of course, you get more than just info on the risk or the water sector on You’ll also get my entire new Volatility Portfolio, increased coverage of ETFs and commodities such as gold and coffee, added recommendations for options when I have found a particularly tempting play, and recommendations on the VIX and other hedges. To the regular daily emails that you’re used to on, I’ve added exclusive posts on sectors and trends. And for this 20th anniversary, I’ve (finally) relaunched my sort-of daily videos. By the way, the next sector post will be on opportunities in sand. (What better to go with water this summer.)

Looking forward, one way or another and God willing, to another 20 years of posts.