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One of the obvious issues in writing a book about volatility is that, well, it’s volatile. What were good ideas yesterday become bad ideas tomorrow–and vice-versa.

That’s why when I wrote my book on volatility Juggling with Knives I promised a website–free to anyone who bought the book–that would keep my ideas on volatility and volatility strategies up to date.

That website <a href=”http://”></a> is now up and running–as of today–with posts on volatility in five categories stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, and everyday life. If you read my free blog, you’ll find some of these posts new to you. If you subscribe to my paid blog, you’re already seeing all the content that is running on this new site. As I promised when you subscribed to, readers of that site get everything I post and earlier than on my free site(s). I think you’ll enjoy taking a look at the new site any how–it has a more dynamic format than I’ve tried before–but you don’t need to fear that you’re missing any content.

Right now <a href=”http://”> </a>is free to all. If you want to get the posts on the site sent to your email box at the end of the day, just sign up on the site. That service to free too.

This state of affairs will continue until September 1 as we work out any remaining kinks in the site.

After September 1,<a href=”http://”></a> will become a paid subscription site at a price of $79 a year.

Except that anyone who has bought my book will continue to get the site for FREE–FOREVER. (You just have to use the secrete code in the book.)

And except that anyone who signed up to receive daily emails from the site before September 1 be grandfathered in and will continue to get the site for FREE–FOREVER.

Which should be a significant incentive for signing up for <a href=”http://”></a> NOW.