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You asked for it; we built it. (Well, actually super programmer Hugh Hunter did.)

It’s a way to keep track of stocks I mention but don’t buy. We’ve called it, naturally enough, “Jim’s Watch List: Stocks I’ve got my eye on.”

At the top of the blog, next to the tabs for my portfolios, you’ll find a link to my newly built Watch List. To start we’ve populated it with some of the stocks I’ve written about—but wasn’t quite ready to buy– over the last six months. (Pretty useful, I think, if you’re trying to figure out when to buy during the current correction.)

For each entry you’ll find the price on the day I mentioned it, today’s price and the percentage change since I mentioned the stock.

And you’ll also find a “more” button that will take you not just to the post where I mentioned the stock but the place in the post where I mentioned it.

Hope you find this useful.